Your Voyage A Paris services: Explore


The Explore service is dedicated to get you to discover and enjoy the Parisians’ Paris!

Organized as a bespoke daily itinerary, Your Voyage A Paris pairs recommendations on museums, temporary exhibitions, concerts and festivals with suggestions on where to enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner along the way – and yes where to shop as well, whether it’s for macaroons, artisans jewelry or French designers. These tailor-made itineraries are meant to provide you with both guidance and freedom so that you can see all the places suggested during the day… or expand your café experience – after all : you’re in Paris !


How it works :

Fill the Parisian explore’s requirements to share with me who you are and what are your interests. Upon receiving it, I will review it and schedule a call or a meeting if you’re in Vancouver so that we can discuss further. After our call / meeting I will provide you with a daily Parisian exploration itinerary, including the famous places as well as getting you to discover lesser known museums, unique festivals and small restaurants, all these efficiently organized so that you make the most of your Parisian’s experience!


Get started :

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