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Explore a Paris hidden-gem: the Canal St Martin

Posted by Alexandra in Hidden Gems, Lifestyle

 When it comes to find Paris hidden-gems, good rule of thumb is to explore the Eastern part of Paris: from Parc de La Villette in the North to Bibliotheque Nationale de France in the South, there are lots of places enjoyed by local Parisians that you can enjoy too! One of my favourite Paris hidden-gem is the Canal St Martin….

How to best enjoy Bastille Day in Paris

Posted by Alexandra in Lifestyle, Temporary Events

Your Voyage A Paris is starting its weekly newsletter featuring a different theme each week, from temporary events to hidden-gems, from daytrips outside Paris to lifestyle. This being the first week of July, it’s all about Bastille Day! Bastille Day celebrates the taking of the most (in)famous Parisian prison La Bastille on July 14th, 1789. The symbol of the French…

How to find your Parisian apartment

Posted by Alexandra in Lifestyle

Start by writing down your list of criteria. If you have made the decision to stay in an apartment rather than in a hotel, then the first task is to be very clear on what you are looking for: you need to list the criteria that will help you narrow down your search. Most important criteria are likely to be:…

How to make the most of your Parisian experience Part 2

Posted by Alexandra in Lifestyle

Choose what YOU want to see (read: there is no such thing as a “must see”) Because you are a unique individual, you deserve your own unique Parisian experience, built around your tastes. Passionate about Impressionism? Explore the museums and sites in and outside Paris that are dedicated to them : Orsay, L’Orangerie, Marmottan & Giverny. More into soaking up…

How to make the most of your Parisian experience Part 1

Posted by Alexandra in Lifestyle

Walk, walk, walk! The best way to explore Paris is to walk everywhere! Not convinced about walking? Try a taxi and you’ll be stuck in traffic for a longer time than it would have taken you to walk to your destination; try the metro and you’ll have great views of…. the underground ! Beside being the most efficient way to…