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A small sand-box on a busy highway

Posted by Alexandra in Lifestyle, Temporary Events

Although August is often said not to be the best time to visit Paris –the weather is hot and humid, the city is packed with tourists hence accommodation prices go up, some restaurants are closed for the holidays – the city has considerably evolved in the last 10 years to turn into a summer-friendly place for all family members to…

5 steps to enjoy a cafe in Paris like a Parisian

Posted by Alexandra in Lifestyle

Enjoying a café in Paris is a significantly different experience from what it is in North America. The epitome of French lifestyle, which is about striking the right life-work balance, experiencing it the proper way requires care and dedication. First thing first: sit back & relax. If you’re thinking of grabbing your coffee in a paper cup and drinking it while…

3 not-to-miss summer festivals in Paris

Posted by Alexandra in Lifestyle, Temporary Events

The heat is on, time to go out and play! Whether you’re a music fan, a performance aficionado or a movie buff, here are 3 not-to-miss summer festivals to sizzle your Parisian summer!   Festival FNAC live For whom? Music fans! Why? To dance to the beat of the new generation of French singers – M, Emily Loizeau – or reconnect with established…