About Me



 3 quick facts about me :
* Parisian born & bred
* Travel planning expert
* History & movie buff




A 4th generation Parisian & a 4th generation Champenoise, I lived in Paris for over 3 decades. Bastille and St Germain des Prés were my Saturday nights’ playgrounds, Le Marais was for Sunday brunches and Canal St Martin was in order when spring returned to Paris. Crossing the Seine river on Pont des Arts – at a time when there were NO padlocks – looking at international visitors, I always felt that ensuring them a happy Parisian experience was part of my responsibility (read: I helped a lot of them getting their bearings while looking at a map!).

This mindset influenced my life to the point that I chose tourism as a career path. Tour guide, Product Manager, Sales Manager, I garnered an extensive experience in the travel business while watching internet and social media drastically reshape this industry over a decade.

One day, I decided to trade Paris and the banks of the Seine river for Vancouver and the shores of the Pacific ocean. Soon I became the “Paris expert” among my friends and colleagues who wanted to get the real Parisian experience, providing them with suggestions on places to stay, dine, visit and shop enjoyed by local Parisians.

My “a-ha” moment came when I realized that this desire for a Parisian experience combined with the time-consuming online research process had created an opportunity. For discerning independent travelers who wanted to get fast-tracked to their own unique Parisian experience, I would provide a combination of stress-free travel planning and local recommendations crafted to suit their interests. Your Voyage A Paris was born!

Alexandra Nicolas