About Your Voyage A Paris

Created for discerning independent travellers who want to find out about Paris’ hidden gems, understand Paris’ art de vivre and efficiently navigate the City of Lights, Your Voyage A Paris is a consulting service that plans your journey so that you get the most of your Parisian experience.

Do you feel like finding where to stay in Paris is a daunting task? You’ve read that enjoying a nice meal in Paris is nothing but expensive and that all the museums are saturated with visitors? It does not have to be that way. Your Voyage A Paris consulting services helps you find the right accommodation, introduce you to Paris hidden gems and get you where the locals dine, shop and go out. All these recommendations are tailor-made to suit your interests and needs so that Your Voyage A Paris is unique to you. Your stay is organized to make the most efficient use of your time in the City of Lights.

Whether you want to find your Parisian accommodation, explore Paris’ cultural, dining or shopping scenes or indulge yourself with activities that you love, choose which service can help you make your time in Paris memorable: